All Guys Are Hot Guys When Wearing Kilts

Recently a faire friend posted on Facebook looking for the honest opinion of his friends. My friend considers himself a bigger guy and wanted to know if fellas like him could pull off the look of a utility kilt. I’m happy to report that the answer was a resounding YES!
In my opinion all guys look terrific in kilts. Any height, weight, or muscle tone, I’ve never seen a guy in a kilt that couldn’t pull off the look. No matter if they wear traditional kilts in plaid, black utility kilts, or camo kilts, I think they all look fantastic. And I know many other ladies are fans of men in kilts too. So no matter what a guy’s body type is, I say, “Go for it!”

One awesome thing about faire is there tends to be more body positivity than in the mainstream, for men and women. And while self-acceptance gets a lot of ink when it comes to women, men don’t have that same kind movement in the broader culture, at least not at scale. Men have unrealistic body standards they are expected to live up to. These days men seem to be expected to have chiseled abs, big muscles, and perfect hair. They are supposed to have perfect skin, but according to society, they better not use makeup to compensate either. I don’t think it’s as socially accepted for men to complain about the standards either without a chorus of women telling them how girls have it worse. It’s not a which sucks more competition. Ladies, I know we have our issues too, but that’s a post for another day.

But at faire, I see guys free to dress up and express themselves. There they embrace outfits and looks that they wouldn’t feel comfortable trying outside of faire. So many dudes at faire rock amazing looks like nobles flaunting tights and codpieces, Scots killing it in kilts, and pirates rocking guyliner. No matter your hearts desire and body type, at faire you can absolutely find a way to pull off your look.

All that said, my opinion (or the opinion of anybody else) shouldn’t matter. The only person’s opinion who should matter is your own when it comes to what you wear to faire. If it makes you happy to wear it, then do it!

Everybody is at faire for the same goal: to have a great time. Let’s be kind to one another in the spirit of faire.


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