All Hallows Eve at the Texas Renaissance Festival is a success. Cooler weather greeted larger crowds of festival patrons this weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas. Vampires, ghouls, ghosts, and monsters roamed the lanes. Children were able to go from shop to shop trick or treating. Detailed jack o’lanterns, spiderwebs, and spooky haunts decorated the shops throughout the faire.

Every year All Hallows Eve at the Texas Renaissance Festival is a special weekend . There is an extra electricity in the air as we celebrate the macabre and embrace the supernatural. Costumes get even more creative and the festival goers are thrilled to show off their creations, some of which have been made in secret for months to finally be revealed for All Hallows Eve. The makeup looks are creative and often Pinterest worthy. Did you debut a new look at faire this weekend? Leave a comment below to tell us about it.

Indeed, it’s my favorite weekend at the renaissance faire because I was lucky enough to meet my fiance there at the Sea Devil four years ago on All Hallows Eve, so the weekend is extra special for me. We met organically through our groups of friends who knew each other that got to talking. I’m so glad to have met him there and that we share our love for renaissance faires. We have gone to TRF, Sherwood Forest Faire, and Scarborough Renaissance Festival together. We hope to go to many more in our adventures together.

At camp, faire goers huddled around camp fires and snuggled into their tents because temperatures finally fell. Todd Mission was a few degrees colder than Anchorage, Alaska overnight even. It didn’t quite freeze, but it was cold enough for some propane tanks to freeze up. Always bring some extra so you can replace them if one freezes. Make sure you have everything you need to camp with our list.

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