The Arizona Renaissance Festival is coming up fast for the 2018 season. Located in Gold Canyon, Arizona it’s a bit outside of Phoenix. They are open rain or shine on weekends from February 10-April 1st, and they are open on President’s Day too for a three day weekend event.


I haven’t been lucky enough to get to the Arizona faire yet, but they feature many of my favorite acts.

Twig the Fairy

If you are looking for a magical experience for younger children, keep your eye out for Twig, the fairy. She’s absolutely enchanting and always brings smiles while she plays her flute. Twig communicates non-verbally, but the children who delight in her presence don’t have any trouble at all understanding her. The way she connects with little ones is pure magic.

Sarah Mullen-Harpist

Find Sarah Mullen if you are looking for Celtic harp. I’ve heard her for years at Scarborough Renaissance Festival, usually near one of the bridges but sometimes on a stage. Take some time out of the day to slow down and relax while listening to her melodies. You can purchase one of her CDs here ( -affiliate link) if you can’t wait to see her in person.

Cirque Du Sewer-Acrobatics

I also really enjoy the, Cirque Du Sewer show, featuring the entertaining and adorable Melissa Arleth. I wouldn’t have guessed a show about “acro-rats” would be so entertaining. The rats are cute (really!) and she’s managed to train her cat, no small feat.


If you are new to renaissance festivals, you might not be aware of the tipping culture. Bring extra money to tip the stage shows and the lane performers. Much of their income really does come from these tips. At the end of each show, they will “pass the hat,” sometimes a literal hat, but it might be a basket, a jar, or other container asking for a tip. When they say that this is how they make their money to survive, they aren’t kidding. Performing at the faire is their livelihood. If you want to continue to enjoy performances like theirs please tip so they can continue to entertain you and others.


Ticket Information

You can buy online tickets from the festival’s website, and you can find discount tickets at Fry’s Food Stores all over Arizona. Tickets are available for regular price at the box office. I’ve looked and have yet to find a Groupon for this festival.


Where to Stay

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