The Bay Area Renaissance Festival is open from February 10-March 25, 2018 in Tampa, Florida. You can buy Bay Area Renaissance Festival Discount tickets at participating Circle K’s. It says it’s not yet available but check back at Groupon for discounts as well (affiliate link). Some weekends have free admission if you donate blood and some weekends feature a buy one, get one free deal if you donate 4 cans of food. You can have fun while doing good. Just be careful if you are wearing a corset and donating blood so you don’t get light headed.

Themed Weekends

The Bay Area Renaissance Festival has some unique themed weekends that aren’t standard. Opening weekend’s theme is Chocolate Fantasy and features delectable chocolate samples to try. I’ve never considered the possibility of a chocolate fairy, but now I wish there was one to leave me chocolate under my pillow. February 24-25 is a Pirates and Pet’s Theme. Follow the link to find information on how to register your pet.

Chocolate Makeup

With opening weekend being chocolate themed, it’s not too late to get in the spirit of the day with Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette. I bought it two weeks ago and it’s amazing. The shadows feature a nice range colors. The smooth texture goes on with little fall out, and they really smell like chocolate. Find it here from Two Faced or in person at Ulta and probably Sephora too. I’m obsessed with this palette and have worn it every day since because it smells just that yummy.


Dress for Faire

If you want to get into the spirit of things, learn how to dress like a pirate. The pirate look is my go-to look at faire. I love the attitude I feel when I put on my pirate coat and hat.