Celtic Christmas at the Texas Renaissance Festival transforms New Market Village into a winter wonder land with delightful decorations in every shop. Christmas trees, greenery, and lights enchant. It’s the last weekend of faire and runs November 24-26 for a final three day weekend celebration right after Thanksgiving. Consider avoiding crowds at the mall and do some of your Christmas shopping at the Texas Renaissance Festival on Black Friday. You’ll support small business owners in the process with unique gifts. Find where to get discount tickets here.

Father Christmas

Father Christmas and the elves are always near the front gate ready to meet your little ones and take pictures. Carolers sing tunes from the period and the brass band will warm your heart with Christmas cheer.

Pie Eating Contest

If you have room after Thanksgiving, try the pumpkin pie eating contest. If it’s cold enough, in years past in the German section mulled mead is available. It became such a favorite at the faire that it’s now a holiday favorite for my family.

A Health to the Company

The end of the season means goodbyes to friends that we don’t see for a while. My favorite end of the season song is A Health to the Company and particularly Owain Phyfe’s version.