Colorado Renaissance Festival

Several years ago I got to attend the Colorado Renaissance Festival unexpectedly and got a taste of what faire family meant. I happened to be in the area for a family vacation. We hadn’t planned on going to the faire as we didn’t think we would have time. However our schedule turned out a little differently. Through the powers of Facebook I learned some friends of mine from Louisiana who I had met at the Texas Renaissance Festival just happened to also be in Colorado and they were there for the faire.

My friends invited my family to hang out with them at the camp they had set up near the festival. They also were kind enough to let me borrow garb to wear to the faire the next day. I hadn’t brought any since I hadn’t planned on being at the faire. My faire family welcomed my actual family with open arms.

The beauty of the Colorado faire blew me away. The hilly grounds give the wooded faire a magic forest vibe that made me think of the beginning of Frodo’s journey. Just make sure to practice your cardio before you go, especially if you aren’t used to Colorado’s elevation.

Even though I only had a few hours at the faire because of travel, I was able to catch shows. It was the first time I had seen the Washing Well Wenches show, which certainly entertained.

Colorado Renaissance Festival Discount Tickets

The faire is open weekends from June 16-August 5 near Larkspur, Colorado. You can buy tickets online, and you can also find discount tickets at King Soopers. The faire is open rain or shine. I attended in light rain and it didn’t bother me a bit. Don’t let a little rain scare you off. I personally find dressing like a pirate helps prepare me for rain since the boots keep my feet dry and my coat is fairly water resistant.

Where to Stay?

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Where to Eat?

If you’re headed back to Castle Rock at the end of the day, try out Danielle’s Scratch Kitchen with this Groupon deal (affiliate link). They are family owned and operated and even make their noodles in house. According to their video they can even accomodate food restrictions, which is why I recommend them because I am gluten free due to celiac disease. They are definitely where I want to eat when I get to go back to the Colorado Renaissance Festival.