Discount Tickets for the Renaissance Festival of Nebraska

Nebraska’s largest renaissance festival is open from May 5-6 and May 12-13, 2018. They are open from 11AM to 6 PM. If you are looking for Discount Tickets for the Renaissance Festival of Nebraska, you can find them here. You’ll save a dollar from the price at the gate.

The Renaissance Festival of Nebraska is located at the Bellevue Berry Farm in Papillion, a suburb of Omaha.

Acts and Special Events

At the festival, you can see acts like Tricks of the Light, a fire dancing troup. You might have seen them at the Kansas City Renaissance Faire too. If you have young children, don’t miss the magical tea time with the fairies. If you’re kid free, the festival features a mead tasting. The faire even features the belly dance troupe Bellajhara.

The joust is by New Riders of the Golden Age from Sarasota, Florida.

Come on May 12-13 for the faire’s “Royal Celebration.” Dress in your finest garb to live it up like royalty. The faire will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a royal joust and a parade through the festival. You won’t want to miss it. Dilly dilly!

Got Garb?

Looking to get into the spirit? You can learn to dress like a pirate for the faire, and then accessorize with pirate booty.