A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of an unexpected visit to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas. My mother was able to go with me, which was a rare treat. We went incognito since it was an impromptu visit without much planning. We looked forward to all the entertainment at Scarborough Renaissance Festival.

When we arrived, we lined up to get our tickets at the gate, but you can find out how to get discount tickets here. The line moved quickly and soon we were in the gates. The smells of cinnamon pecans, rose oil, and other scents that greet me when I walk through the gates take me back to my very first visit to faire so long ago. Scarby is my home faire and the first faire I ever visited, so it has a special place in my heart.

Entertainment at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

When we got in, we beelined for The German Brothers. My face soon hurt from laughing so hard. Check out my video of their performance.



We happened across a new act and watched Acrobatrix, an acrobatic comedy act that I hadn’t seen before. They were quite entertaining.

Mom and I love the peach bilinis you can get at Scarby. They are frozen and delightfully crisp and refreshing on a hot day.


Shops at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

We made our way over to take a rest and listen to Jim Hancock, the Burley Minstrel. We had the pleasure of meeting a father and son duo. The son works at The Royal Candlemaker. and his father works at Leather Fan Shop that belongs to a brother I did not meet. They were great folks to sit and chat with. Go check them out at their shop full of unique candle designs.

A bit later my mom bought some soaps from the Roman Bath.

Roman Bath at Scarborough Renaissance Festival



We had an absolutely lovely time. I always have a blast at Scarby, but this trip was extra special.