Fiber Arts at the Renaissance Festival

What are fiber arts? Fiber arts involve crafts like sewing, knitting, embroidery, and crochet that use natural or synthetic fibers to create. Without skilled seamstresses, tailors, and costumers to create the outfits of the renaissance, the renaissance festival could not exist. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we make a small commission, but at no extra cost to you.



The talents of many of the costumers at the renaissance festivals blow me away. Besides the shops at faire that sell clothes, there are many independent costumers creating works of art with their skills. I have a sewing machine I’m still learning to use. I’m a complete novice, but so far have found it easy to use. I learned just by watching YouTube videos. So far I’ve made some yoga bags and I love them. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to tackle some faire projects.

This is the sewing machine I use. I’ve been able to use the special stitching features pretty easily. I can’t emphasize enough that I have zero experience or instruction besides YouTube videos. I asked for the machine for Christmas and did a lot of research before hand so I would know exactly what to ask for.



Knitting with a loom is the fiber art I have the most experience. I learned through loom knitting which I found much easier to learn than traditional knitting. I have several looms and have made lots of hats and scarves that I wear inside faire and out at camp when it’s cold. There is no better feeling than getting a compliment on something you spent hours making stitch by stitch.


I use both circular and straight looms like the ones below. I use the circular looms to create hats and need the different sizes of hats. I’ve been wanting to use the smallest one to make some arm warmers.


One of my favorite memories with my grandmother is sitting with her on the couch while she tried to teach me to crochet. I’m still hopeless at it, but if you want to give it it a try, the picture will lead you to a crochet kit so you can start.


My favorite type of yarn to work with is homespun. I like the chunkiness of the strand and the softness. I usually buy two rolls for a hat, and more if I’m doing a long scarf.