Coronavirus Renaissance Festival Fashions


The information in this article is intended as entertainment. It is not medical advice. In troubling times, humor helps. Even my dad, who is vulnerable to the virus wanted me to write this. “With the fearful strain that is on me night and day, if I did not laugh I should die,” said Abraham Lincoln. The links in the article are affiliate links, which means I make a small percentage of a commission from any sales to help offset the sinking economy. Capitalism is weird, y’all.

Plague Mask

You’ll be pandemic chic at the renaissance festival with this face mask. I’ve seen them around pre-coronavirus, but I expect now they are going to be the must have accessory. Doctors of the renaissance would stuff the beaks full of aromatic herbs. You could do the same to mask the stench of the elephants, llamas, or just somebody smothered in patchouli.

Black Balaclava

Conceal your muggle identity and avoid touching your face at the same time with a black balaclava. You can wear the face mask over it to enhance the creep factor.

Hooded Robe

What to wear with your black plague mask? Pair it with this long hooded robe. Better yet, you might scare the peasants while looking like the coming of death. These doctors back in the day really should have worked on their bedside manner.

Women’s Cloak

Don’t worry ladies, even though you wouldn’t have been allowed to be a doctor during the black plague, you can be an adorable plague doctor now at the renaissance with this hooded cape. Pair with black leggings and high boots, and you’ll look so tough coronavirus will cower before you. For Halloween, you could pair it with a miniskit and be a sexy plague doctor, if that’s your jam.

Black Gloves

Since we’re supposed to be avoiding touching people and things, put the final touch on your outfit with these black gloves. It will protect you from the peasants singing, “Toucha toucha toucha touch me, I wanna be dirty. Thrill me chill me fulfill me. Creature of the night.”

Potion Bottle

Why use a regular flask when you can use a potion bottle? Alcohol kills germs, right? As if rennies needed an extra excuse to drink. Sláinte!

Men’s Boots

Combating pandemics needs badass foodwear to trudge around the renaissance festival. Your feet will look fearsome in these buckled boots. Just because everybody is coming undone with fear doesn’t mean your boots will.

Women’s Boots

These flat soled boots will keep your toes happy while you enjoy what could be your last days of good health. Life’s too short for sore feet.

“Let us eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.”

Discount Tickets for the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Discount Tickets for the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Join the merriment at the Castle of Muskogee in Oklahoma for their 23rd annual renaissance festival. They offer discount tickets for the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival on Memorial Day Monday for $4 off gate price for anybody showing a current, valid military ID. The festival offers season passes for both adults and children. Animals are not allowed, but there is an exception for service animals.


The Oklahoma Renaissance Festival features 15 stages full of entertainment including musicians and magicians, jugglers and jousters, and acrobats and dancers.

Knightwings is a birds of prey demonstration showing hunting behaviors of birds. Other acts include the Castleton Dancers, the Dublin Harpers, Sir Mark the Escapologist, Giovanni’s Drummers, and the Bedlam Bards. Make sure to catch the Royal Knighting Ceremony.


The festival has both a costume contest and a photography contest. The costume contest runs daily during the festival. The winner gets a t-shirt and a return ticket for June 4th. The photo contest has a first place prize of $100 in Castleton Cash.


What to Wear

If you’re wondering what you should dress up as, take our quiz. If you know you want to be a pirate, learn how to dress like one here, or if you have a costume, you can get your booty here. 

Scarborough Renaissance Festival on Sunday April 29, 2018

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of an unexpected visit to the Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, Texas. My mother was able to go with me, which was a rare treat. We went incognito since it was an impromptu visit without much planning. We looked forward to all the entertainment at Scarborough Renaissance Festival.

When we arrived, we lined up to get our tickets at the gate, but you can find out how to get discount tickets here. The line moved quickly and soon we were in the gates. The smells of cinnamon pecans, rose oil, and other scents that greet me when I walk through the gates take me back to my very first visit to faire so long ago. Scarby is my home faire and the first faire I ever visited, so it has a special place in my heart.

Entertainment at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

When we got in, we beelined for The German Brothers. My face soon hurt from laughing so hard. Check out my video of their performance.



We happened across a new act and watched Acrobatrix, an acrobatic comedy act that I hadn’t seen before. They were quite entertaining.

Mom and I love the peach bilinis you can get at Scarby. They are frozen and delightfully crisp and refreshing on a hot day.


Shops at Scarborough Renaissance Festival

We made our way over to take a rest and listen to Jim Hancock, the Burley Minstrel. We had the pleasure of meeting a father and son duo. The son works at The Royal Candlemaker. and his father works at Leather Fan Shop that belongs to a brother I did not meet. They were great folks to sit and chat with. Go check them out at their shop full of unique candle designs.

A bit later my mom bought some soaps from the Roman Bath.

Roman Bath at Scarborough Renaissance Festival



We had an absolutely lovely time. I always have a blast at Scarby, but this trip was extra special.


Discount Tickets for the Renaissance Festival of Nebraska

Discount Tickets for the Renaissance Festival of Nebraska

Discount Tickets for the Renaissance Festival of Nebraska

Nebraska’s largest renaissance festival is open from May 5-6 and May 12-13, 2018. They are open from 11AM to 6 PM. If you are looking for Discount Tickets for the Renaissance Festival of Nebraska, you can find them here. You’ll save a dollar from the price at the gate.

The Renaissance Festival of Nebraska is located at the Bellevue Berry Farm in Papillion, a suburb of Omaha.

Acts and Special Events

At the festival, you can see acts like Tricks of the Light, a fire dancing troup. You might have seen them at the Kansas City Renaissance Faire too. If you have young children, don’t miss the magical tea time with the fairies. If you’re kid free, the festival features a mead tasting. The faire even features the belly dance troupe Bellajhara.

The joust is by New Riders of the Golden Age from Sarasota, Florida.

Come on May 12-13 for the faire’s “Royal Celebration.” Dress in your finest garb to live it up like royalty. The faire will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a royal joust and a parade through the festival. You won’t want to miss it. Dilly dilly!

Got Garb?

Looking to get into the spirit? You can learn to dress like a pirate for the faire, and then accessorize with pirate booty.


Medieval Fair of Norman

Medieval Fair of Norman

Medieval Fair of Norman

The Medieval Fair of Norman runs from April 6-8, 2018 in Norman, Oklahoma. Admission to this event is free and parking costs $5. The faire is a “soft” faire which means there are not permanent structures for the faire. Vendors sell their wares from tents.

The festival features acts like Topsy Turvy, who do a comedy and acrobatic act, and Einíní, a folk band. The festival features glass harmonica player Donal Hinley. If you get a chance, take a listen. Glass harmonicas are enchanting to hear.

Where to Stay

If you are coming in from out of town for the festival, there are plenty of affordable places to stay. We’ve made it easy to find a great place with the table below.


Where to Eat

If you don’t get your fill of turkey legs and find yourself hungry after the festival, you have options with these Groupon deals.

If you’re looking for some casual, quick food for the whole family, get this deal for these coneys. Yum.

Lumpy’s has burgers, pizza, chips and queso, and all sorts of yummy food. They have salads too if you’re looking for a healthier option.

Medieval Fair of Norman

What to Wear

Even though the Norman Fair is a medieval fair, you should feel free to dress up in whatever you have. If you’re looking for jewelry ideas, this list is perfect to help you find just the right thing. And if you want to sew your own, you can find patterns here. And if you want to be a pirate, learn how here.


Please note some of the links in this article are affiliate links, which means we make a small commission from the sale but at no extra cost to you. We thank you for your support.

Pirate Jewelry and Booty for the Renaissance Festival

Pirate Jewelry and Booty for the Renaissance Festival

Pirate Jewelry for the Renaissance Festival

To complete your pirate garb for the renaissance festival, you need pirate booty. Pirates wore some of their wealth to make it harder for somebody else to take their loot. For me, pirate jewelry for the renaissance festival should be eclectic because the jewelry they wore was stolen so it didn’t necessarily originate from a pirate. Some traditional pirate themes like skulls are great, but don’t be afraid to mix it up.

The links in this article are affiliate links which means FaireBuzz makes a commission on the sale at no extra cost to you. Your support helps keep FaireBuzz running.


Pirate Earrings

Consider these textured skull earrings for a unique twist on the skull and cross bones pirate motif. The vibe of these earrings almost have a Day of the Dead vibe to me. These earrings would be perfect if you want to have pirate themed earrings but your earlobes don’t do well with heavy earrings all day.

These clip on braided hoop earrings will work whether or not you have pierced ears. The braided pattern looks like the ropes pirates use to hoist their sails. These earrings fulfill the classic pirate with a gold hoop look without being too cliche.

Pirate Rings

Let these kracken tentacles wrap around your finger. It’s unexpected and a little creepy which makes it just right for a pirate.


A minimalist wave ring works for a pirate but also could transition beautifully to regular mundane clothing. As a pirate, I’d pair this with multiple rings and have a ring on most of my fingers.

This chunky compass ring is the opposite of minimalist. The nautical theme with a compass will make it clear you are a seafarer. The side anchor and compass on top make the ring beautiful from any angle.

Pirate Bracelets, Bracers, and Cuffs

I really like this understated brown genuine leather wristband. The layers of leather on this cuff create visual interest and look gritty. I think this looks perfect for a pirate who’s just starting out and hasn’t made up his or her ranks up through the ship yet.

This skull bracelet would also be a fearsome addition to your pirate jewelry collection. The braided textures combined with the metallic skull make for a interesting combination.

These faux leather bracers add a toughness to your pirate garb that can’t be beat. These bracers are basic so they’ll go with pretty much everything else.

If you’re looking for a buckled look, try these black faux leather bracers instead. This one could do double duty at the goth club. The buckled pirate look is very popular at the renaissance festivals in Texas.


This simple pendant necklace would be perfect for your pirate garb. The metal isn’t too shiny which is perfect since I bet pirates didn’t have too much time on their hands to polish their jewelry.

This oil diffuser necklace repeats the compass motif from before. The lava stone is pirate appropriate and the essential oil diffuser lets your oils fragrance you all day throughout the festival.

Renaissance Festival Sewing Patterns

Renaissance Festival Sewing Patterns

Have you ever wanted to make your own renaissance festival costume? If you already know how to sew, there are renaissance festival sewing patterns are available to make your costumes. The links below are affiliate links, which means I make a commission on the sales, but it won’t cost you anything extra. Your support helps keep FaireBuzz running.

The key to getting a great renaissance festival look is layering. The best looks don’t stop with just pants and a top or a skirt and a chemise. Instead, layer and accessorize to create your looks. Whether you are going as a pirate, gypsy, peasant, or royalty, layers will elevate your look. As your garb collection grows, then you can mix and match your layers to create a multitude of looks.

Note: Patterns come in different sizes. Check that the links to these patterns are in the size you need before you buy. 


Pirate Coat Patterns

This pirate coat pattern from Simplicity would look great in blacks, greys, and blues. I’d pair it with a texture similar to an upholstery fabric to give it more gravitas and visual interest. I think I’d leave off the lace personally, but if you’re going for flouncy pirate look, keep the fluffy lace on the sleeve.

The next pirate coat pattern is perfect for pirate captain garb. I’d love to see this one made with browns and cream colors. I’d still leave off the lace, and I’d do a nice big cuff on the sleeves.

Chemise Patterns

Chemises are the basic under layer for women’s garb. These undershirts were worn pretty much all the time and help keep outer clothes clean since laundry was not washed as frequent at the time. This chemise pattern will show you how to make your own basics. I have a bunch of chemises in different colors so I can use the bottom layer of my outfit to change up the look of my outfit easily. I have red, white, cream, and teal chemises right now, and I wish I had a closet full of colors.

Vests and Doublets


Since usually faires occur in warmer weather, take that into account when making your garb. A vest is a cooler way to help create a layer. Vests work for pirate, gypsy, and peasant garb particularly well. All that you need to think about is the fabric texture and color. This vest is a pretty basic pattern for men or women.


If you’re looking for a more noble type of vest, you’re looking for a doublet. This pattern can be made with or without sleeves. Choose a fabric appropriate for the station you want your garb to represent. Earth tones and blues would go well for noble looks. You might even want to think about the sumptuary laws of the time to guide you in your color choice.

Peasant and Pirate Pants Patterns

Wrap pants make for good gypsy and pirate looks. For pirates, choose black or earth tones for your fabric, but if you’re dressed as a gypsy at faire, you can get away with much more brightly colored and embellished fabric. Ones with a silky sheen and metallics catch the light nicely out at the festival.


I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a renaissance dress for a long time. I love the way the sleeves are put together on this dress. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this pattern used a few times at the renaissance festival and it always looked lovely. Underneath, you will want to have a hoop skirt for volume underneath.


This Simplicity cloak pattern is versatile and can be used to make a cloak or jedi outfits. Many years ago, I tried to make my own cloak and used a pattern similar to this one (if not the same one-it’s been over ten years). I didn’t have a sewing machine. I learned how to do a running back stitch, cut out all the pieces on my fabric and sewed and sewed for hours by hand. However, I tried to sew my cloak before I knew there was a whole community of creative, helpful people that also loved renaissance festivals. It was pre-YouTube too, which I know dates me. Sadly, I threw the pieces of the cloak out, and only afterwards did I make friends in the community that would have helped me learn. The moral of this story is don’t give up. Between the renaissance festival community and YouTube, you can learn to create the garb you want.

Renaissance Festival Camping

If your faire allows camping, get our camping tips to make your trip back in time even more enjoyable. Like what you’ve been reading? Subscribe below to FaireBuzz so you’ll never miss an update.

The Ultimate Camp Porta Potty Privy Kit

The Ultimate Camp Porta Potty Privy Kit

Nobody likes porta potties, but at at lot of festival camps, the porta potty (or privy) is the only option for the restroom because there is no running water. Porta potties gross me out, and I really hate using them, but I love camping at faire, so I had to find a compromise. My porta potty camp kit has been a life saver for me, and you can make one too.

A friend of mine had a brilliant idea that I will share with you today. She created a potty potty privy kit to make the experience more pleasant and sanitary. When I made my own kit, at first I was worried about what my camping friends would think, but instead I found friends wanted to borrow it!



The links in this article are affiliate links, which means I make a small commission on the sale at no extra cost to you. This helps keep FaireBuzz running, and we thank you for your support.

Bathroom Caddy

I use a cleaning caddy like this one to keep my privy kit organized. It fits nicely by a tent door for easy access when you gotta go. When camping on a chilly November night and nature calls, time is of the essence! The caddy also gives my flashlight a place to rest and point upright so I can see what I’m doing.

Head Lamp

My friends used to tease me that one day at faire, I’d find my perfect match at camp and he’d wear a headlamp too. While I met my fiance at the Sea Devil at TRF instead, sure enough, he had a headlamp of his own for camping. Now everybody in our happy little family has head lamp for camping. They are hands free and bright. They help me find my way over uneven ground in the dark and help us set up camp even if we arrive after dark.


Why have a flashlight when you have a headlamp? I find having a flashlight in addition to my head lamp in the privy is more useful than just one or the other. When I prop up the flashlight in the caddy it gives me enough ambient light to see the whole room so I can avoid sitting on something gross while also avoiding stepping on messes on the floor. The head lamp acts like a spot light so I have to be aiming my lamp at something specific to see it well.

This heavy duty camping flashlight is affordable plus it floats and has a carabineer clip so you can hang it from your camper or tent when you need to.

Seat Cover

Maybe it’s because campers have had a bit too much rum, but sometimes the toilet seats at faire are in bad shape. To make your go a more pleasant experience, keep these extra large toilet seat covers in your porta potty privy kit. You’ll feel less icky and be glad you have them just in case.

Toilet Paper

The privies at camp sometimes run out of toilet paper. Don’t let yourself be stranded without a way to clean up. Charmin is the brand I use at home. I always get a big pack that lasts us for a while. I put a few rolls in my caddy and then I’m good to go for the whole weekend at camp with plenty to spare for friends.



After a long day of faire, I am often sweaty and feel unusually grimy. Having wet wipes in my caddy helps me freshen up and get back to feeling extra clean. I like that this one has flexible packaging so it doesn’t take too much room in the caddy and it is resealable so the wipes stay fresh week after week.

Hand Sanitizer

These portable hand sanitizers are great in a pinch. They have a little plastic clip, and they are small enough they could even fit in your faire pouch. The small size of these will fit nicely in the caddy without weighing it down with too much liquid.


Softsoap’s aloe vera soap is my favorite soap and I like to keep it in my camp caddy. My skin is sensitive and prone to cracking if I don’t treat it just right. The aloe keeps my hands happy. I use bottled water and this soap to get my hands scrubbed and then at camp I follow up with hand sanitizer to make sure my hands are super clean.

Bottled Water

At the beginning of each faire season, we buy a flat of bottled water. It doesn’t always last through the season, so sometimes we need two or three. We use the flat of water for drinking water mostly, but I also keep a bottle or two in my porta potty privy caddy to be able to actually wash my hands right after I get out.



Comment and Subscribe

I hope this porty potty camp kit will work just as well for you as it has for me. Do you have your own kit you use with a product that makes dealing with the camp privy better? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to our newsletter. 

Pirate Boots for the Renaissance Festival

Pirate Boots for the Renaissance Festival

Proper footware makes or breaks your renaissance costume. Those in the renaissance festival culture call their costumes “garb.” This guide will help you find pirate boots for the renaissance festival. If you’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and even money in your outfit, do yourself a favor and invest in the right boots to finish your look with proper footware. Sneakers stick out, and your look will be off. If you are looking for pirate jewelry and accessories, check out these suggestions.


Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means we make a commission from the sale, but it costs you nothing extra at all. These sales help keep this site running.

Caribbean Pirate Costume Boot

This boot (affiliate link) is well rated on Amazon and will get you a Captain Jack look, if that’s what you are going for. The boot has cushioning inside, which helps long days on your feet at faire, but it can’t hurt to add an extra insole. I often do this with my own faire boots. The buckles are not adjustable, so be forewarned.


Ellie Boot

This boot (affiliate link) is has a nice brown color with a great distressed look. Pirates worked so I like boots that look like they have seen some action instead of being to pristine. The boots zip up. These come only in Small, Medium, and Large, so be careful to select the right size for your feet.

Son of Sandlar

Son of Sandlar is where I bought my own boots. They were true to size for me. Some days I use insoles and other days I do not. Son of Sandlar boots are pretty water resistant. It takes a lot of water or a deep puddle for water to get inside. I’ve had my boots for years and years and they have lasted and should be fine for many more years. I should oil the leather and polish them, but, I don’t do anything to them. Every once in a while, one of the conchos comes off even though I tighten them up before every wear. If you don’t have a Son of Sandlar handy, I recommend buying a few extra when you purchase your boots so you will have a spare



I always use Dr. Scholl’s insoles for my pirate boots. Buy the size closest to your shoe size. They are easy to cut to the size of your shoe, but I recommend going a little bit at a time so you don’t cut off too much.

Sewing Your Own Garb

If you’re interested in sewing your own garb, check out these patterns to sew your own. If you aren’t the DIY type, you can check out this guide to dressing like a pirate, now that you’ve got your footware settled.


Learn to Wiggle

Learn to Wiggle

Watching the belly dancers at faire might be my favorite entertainment at the renaissance festival. It’s been a while, but I’ve taken belly dance lessons and absolutely loved learning to belly dance. If you find yourself resisting the urge to shake those hips when listening to the beats at faire, I encourage you to take belly dance lessons. Learning to belly dance is a fun way to move your body and increase your coordination in ways you never thought possible.

By the way, belly dance is for everybody. And I mean every body. Yes, even yours! You don’t need to be thin and toned to learn belly dance. You can learn to dance at any fitness level. And yes, guys can be amazing belly dancers too. One of my favorite male belly dancers is Rashad.

Just a heads up, the links in the pictures are affiliate links, which help me keep this site running. I’m not good enough at belly dance to shake my hips for a living just yet.

Types of Belly Dance

As you watch videos about belly dance, you’ll notice it doesn’t all look the same. I’m not an expert, but I’ve found the two main types of belly dance we see here in the United States is Middle Eastern and Egyptian belly dance as opposed to tribal fusion belly dance. They both are beautiful forms of dance. The Middle Eastern dance is more traditional and closer to what you would see in the middle east. Tribal fusion incorporates more western dance elements where you might even see some hip hop inspired movement. The music in tribal fusion can, but doesn’t have to be, more western as well. You’ll sometimes hear more synthesizer sounds or the dance will even be performed to western music.


What to Wear to Class

This will usually be up to the individual instructor, but for your first class, a safe bet is a yoga pant or legging along with a somewhat form fitting top. You’ll want to make sure your shirt isn’t too loose so you can see your upper body move. Most instructors will let you wear a hip scarf. Some people like to wear coin belts that jingle while others like to be quieter. Personally I like either depending on my mood. Click the pictures below to find yours on Amazon. Just a heads up, the links are affiliate links, which help me keep this site running. I’m not good enough at belly dance to shake my hips for a living just yet.


There are some basic rhythms you will learn in belly dance. The first rhythm is baladi (pronounced “bell-ah-dee”).

Another main rhythm is the saidi.

There are more of course, but keep an ear out for these rhythms when listening to middle eastern music. You’ll hear them a lot when watching a belly dance troupe perform, and if your renaissance festival has camping, you’ll likely to hear them on the drums around the campfire.


Your teacher will let you know what accessories you need for his or her class. Below are links to the types of accessories I needed for my class.


Zills are tiny finger cymbols dancers use to add to the music. Learning to play zill well is an essential skill for a belly dancer. I was a percussionist in high school so I love the percussion element it adds to the dance. The sooner you start on zills the better in my opinion. It gets you used to using your fingers while you dance. Click the picture to get yours.


I love the elegance of working with silks. When done well, silks create a sensual mystery the dance. The pic below will take you to different colors.

Learning to Belly Dance

In Houston, there are many amazing places you can learn to belly dance. I know all of these instructors, some better than others, but each of them do great work. If you have a great teacher in another part of the country, leave a comment.

Dance from the Heart

Ahlam Academy Anna is the instructor I’ve taken lessons from personally. She teaches middle eastern and Egyptian style belly dance. I learned not only how to dance, but also about the history of the dance.

The Femme Fatale-Elaine Crump


Renaissance Festival Makeup Basics

Renaissance Festival Makeup Basics

The links in this article may be affiliates which means if you purchase them, FaireBuzz may receive a small commission from the sale. That said these are all products I personally use and recommend for my friends. Renaissance Festival Makeup Makeup at the renaissance...

Renaissance Hair Braid with Pearls

Renaissance Hair Braid with Pearls

Hair Braiding Check out this awesome renaissance hair braid with pearls created by my friend Shannon for her daughter. For 1001 Dreams weekend, her daughter dressed as a fairy and was adorned in blue colors and pearls giving an ethereal look. She braided her...

Medieval Fair of Norman

Medieval Fair of Norman

Medieval Fair of Norman The Medieval Fair of Norman runs from April 6-8, 2018 in Norman, Oklahoma. Admission to this event is free and parking costs $5. The faire is a "soft" faire which means there are not permanent structures for the faire. Vendors sell their wares...

Learn to Wiggle

Learn to Wiggle

Watching the belly dancers at faire might be my favorite entertainment at the renaissance festival. It's been a while, but I've taken belly dance lessons and absolutely loved learning to belly dance. If you find yourself resisting the urge to shake those hips when...

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Colorado Renaissance Festival

Colorado Renaissance Festival Several years ago I got to attend the Colorado Renaissance Festival unexpectedly and got a taste of what faire family meant. I happened to be in the area for a family vacation. We hadn't planned on going to the faire as we didn't think we...

Renaissance Festival of Central Florida

Renaissance Festival of Central Florida

Renaissance Festival of Central Florida The Renaissance Festival of Central Florida is a faire for a cause. The faire a fundraiser for the Easter Seals Camp Challenge and for Diana's Friends, Inc. Both organizations help people with disabilities. Easter Seals Camp is...

Pirate Boots for the Renaissance Festival

Spring Lompoc Renaissance Faire 2018

From March 24-25, 2018 in Lompac, CA the Spring Lompoc Renaissance Faire is held at River Park from 10 AM to 6 PM. You can purchase tickets here. They offer a discount for military members and seniors, and they also offer a weekend pass at a discounted rate if you...

Renaissance Pleasure Faire Discount Tickets

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Fiber Arts at the Renaissance Festival

Fiber Arts at the Renaissance Festival

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Organizing Your Faire Closet

Organizing Your Faire Closet

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