Pirates have invaded the village of New Market. They would pillage and plunder if not for the King and Queen of New Market declaring peace during the festival. Meet Calypso, a member of the Texas Renaissance Festival crew and make sure to visit her and the Brethren during the Pirate Adventure of October 14-15. Make sure to visit and not anger Calypso. Rumor has it if she is displeased, she will make rainstorms. New Market Village appears in Todd Mission, TX on weekends of October and November. Don’t miss the pirates at the Texas Renaissance Festival while the festival is open the last weekend of September and through Thanksgiving weekend.


An Interview with Calypso

What brings you to New Market?

We were summoned by the King and Queen. In all honesty, we were about to call the Brethren Court to order to declare war against the East India Company when everything went dark. The Pirate Lords and myself were deposited in the lake near the joust.

How did you join the pirate crew?

I didn’t join. I’m not necessarily a prisoner per se. The first meeting of the Brethren trapped me inside this mortal shell. I now follow as this Court’s companion until they release me.

Why aren’t you at sea?

The seas are perilous for pirates and their ilk at this moment… Our way of life is soon to be over if we cannot defeat the Company.

What’s in the shell around your neck?

The shell around my neck carries the souls of those who could not hold up their end of the bargains we struck.

How do you affect the seas and weather?

I am, what they call, the Mother of Orishas. Also known as Yemaya in the South and in Africa, I bring life. I am the goddess of the ocean and can bring change upon the sea currents and winds. Storms are my specialty. It’s all wild and ever changing, just like me.

Do you have any grudges? Against who and why?

There’s a long list of grudges… at the top I hold a death wish for Davy Jones himself, for it were he who told the Brethren how to bind me in this… form.

What are your hopes for your crew?

I hope that the Brethren blindly follow as they always have… none of them be too smart. Soon, they shall grant me my freedom and they all will pay dearly for their transgressions.

I heard rumors of mutiny, are they true?

There can be no mutiny as these are the Pirate Lords of all the seas. They each command their own ships and fleets.

I heard you can sing, what’s your favorite song of the sea?

I do sing on occasion… I sometimes be a fan of The Dark Lady, as that storm was one of mine. When I be on my own, I sometimes sing Song of the Siren.

What other talents do you have?

I’m not sure if you can call flirtation a talent… I also can raise the dead with fair accuracy. Well, dem dat have died of natural causes anyway.

What should visitors to New Market know about you?

New Market should know that, should I get my freedom any day soon, they should batten down the hatches. I shall rain upon this place and every place until my soul is at peace.


The Brethren Court Pirates at the Texas Renaissance Festival

You can get to know Calypso and the Brethren court. During Pirate Adventure you can catch them close to the entrance of the Texas Renaissance Festival and on other weekends they are often found dry docked near the Royal Mint and the Royal Armory. Don’t miss the Texas Renaissance Festival Pirates at TRF this season.

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Photo by the amazing and talented Michael Falgoust.