Am I the only one that feels a little let down after Christmas? It’s especially so for me because only after Santa’s big day that I’m not super busy from the Texas Renaissance Festival and holiday preparations. Basically I’m always completely booked from September to December every year. Three months is a long time to stay busy! But afterwards I don’t know what to do with all my time. In Texas Sherwood starts in March, but those lucky enough to be near the Arizona Renaissance Festival only have to wait until February for merriment. But what’s a rennie to do until then?

Here is a list of movies, shows, and books that keep the spirit of the renaissance faire alive for me year round. Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links, which means I make a small commission that help me support this site. It won’t cost you anything extra, and I’m thankful for your support.


Princess Bride

This movie is my personal all time favorite. I first got to watch at my cousins house growing it. I remember wondering how such a wonderful movie had never been introduced to me before. Absolutely magical every time.


For a grittier experience, you can get this set of Braveheart and Gladiator. Gets the endorphines running for a Highland Fling weekend or a Roman Bacchanal.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Another personal swashbuckling favorite. I particularly love this film for outfit inspiration from Elizabeth Swans gowns to all the pirate outfits I could want to brainstorm new garb ideas.

Lord of the Rings

Middle Earth always gets me in the mood for faire. because to me, the shire must smell exactly like Scarbourgh Faire on the first time I ever visited. That day there was a short spring shower that combined with the perfumes, incense, and muddy ground to become an intoxicating scent capable of time travel. I felt so immersed walking through the lanes that I never wanted to leave, and it’s become a life long love affair.


Black Sails

This is another show I love for costume inspiration since usually I’m dressed as a pirate. Lots of badass ladies making things happen in this show too. Love it.


This one is high on my “to watch soon” list. I hear nothing but great things.


The romance of Outlander gives me chills. This box set would make a lovely, romantic gift for your leading lady.

The Tudors

Spectacular series that made the story of Henry VIII and his many wives come alive for me. It’s where I first noticed Natalie Dormer as an actress, and I always look forward to seeing her in anything. It’s been out for a while now, but if you haven’t seen it, I’d consider it a must watch.

Game of Thrones

The list wouldn’t be complete without Game of Thrones. We all have a while to wait for the next season to come out, but if you haven’t started watching it yet, you have time to get caught up and find out what all the fuss is about it. Just try not to get attached to your favorite characters.


Amazon Kindle
For Christmas, my family got my dad the latest edition of the Kindle Fire. He adores his e-reader and has tons of books stored on the device. Basically it never leaves his side. If you are like my family, your bookshelves are already full to overflowing with books, so the Kindle really helps save space. Get it today to read books to get you in the faire mood. Just because we are all renaissance festival fans doesn’t mean we can’t read like we are in the 21st century after all.

You can join Kindle Unlimited which gets you access to bunches of free books with this link for a free 30 day trial too to enjoy with your Kindle.
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The Wise Woman

Read this book for the first time years ago, but it still sticks with me. I enjoyed the vibe of the book and that it wasn’t quite what I was expecting from a Philippa Gregory book.

The Hobbit

Great for more romping through Middle Earth. It’s here instead of the film version as I think it’s a better representation in the book form at the moment.



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Renaissance Festival Movies, Shows, and Books


What is your favorite book, movie, or show to get you in the mood for faire? Leave it in the comments.