Organizing your faire closet can be a big task. Between the cloaks, skirts, corsets, mugs, shirts, boots, faire favors, and other faire accessories, there is a lot of stuff to keep up with. I like the following products to help me keep my family’s gear organized and out of the way when we are not at faire. Some of the links below are affiliate links which means I make a small commission on the sale at no extra cost to you.


These are my number one most important thing to keep me organized. I use these for storing armor, camp kitchen supplies, and extra blankets. I love that they are see through so I can know what is inside each bin without having to open a bunch of them to find out what is inside. Click the tubs to get yours from Amazon.

Heavy Duty Hangers

Heavy duty wooden hangers are must have for my faire closet. Even heavy duty plastic hangers are no match for my Mystic Cloak. Even using multiple hangers eventually weighs down and breaks the plastic hangers. Clicking the hanger pic will take you to Amazon so you can purchase them.


Plastic Drawers

I have plastic drawers all over my house. They provide extra storage like a mini dresser that doesn’t cost too much. I keep these to help organize my faire crafts like yarn and my looms. They are also great for keeping up with the smaller faire accessories. You could label a drawer for each family member and store pouches, pins, sporrans, and other things in them. No more scrambling to sort out stuff when packing up for faire. Get yours by clicking the picture.

Garment Bags

Since faire garb isn’t usually used year round, clear garment bags can help keep your clothes dust free in the off season. You’ll want them clear so you don’t have to unzip each one to find the garb you’re looking for. They can grace your closet if you follow the picture link.


Put a lavender sachet in your garment bag to keep your garb smelling fresh. These lavender ones look pretty and smell yummy. Get your closet smelling sweet by clicking the picture.

Sleeping Bag Holder

I’ve never found a sleeping bag that was easy to put away with just the straps provided. I like these sleeping bag carriers because they make it easy to roll up the sleeping bag and stuff it in the case. This bag keeps it contained for the faire closet, clean, and makes transport around the camp site easy too. You’ll be thankful you clicked the picture to get yours when taking down camp on a chilly or rainy morning.