Pirate Jewelry for the Renaissance Festival

To complete your pirate garb for the renaissance festival, you need pirate booty. Pirates wore some of their wealth to make it harder for somebody else to take their loot. For me, pirate jewelry for the renaissance festival should be eclectic because the jewelry they wore was stolen so it didn’t necessarily originate from a pirate. Some traditional pirate themes like skulls are great, but don’t be afraid to mix it up.

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Pirate Earrings

Consider these textured skull earrings for a unique twist on the skull and cross bones pirate motif. The vibe of these earrings almost have a Day of the Dead vibe to me. These earrings would be perfect if you want to have pirate themed earrings but your earlobes don’t do well with heavy earrings all day.

These clip on braided hoop earrings will work whether or not you have pierced ears. The braided pattern looks like the ropes pirates use to hoist their sails. These earrings fulfill the classic pirate with a gold hoop look without being too cliche.

Pirate Rings

Let these kracken tentacles wrap around your finger. It’s unexpected and a little creepy which makes it just right for a pirate.


A minimalist wave ring works for a pirate but also could transition beautifully to regular mundane clothing. As a pirate, I’d pair this with multiple rings and have a ring on most of my fingers.

This chunky compass ring is the opposite of minimalist. The nautical theme with a compass will make it clear you are a seafarer. The side anchor and compass on top make the ring beautiful from any angle.

Pirate Bracelets, Bracers, and Cuffs

I really like this understated brown genuine leather wristband. The layers of leather on this cuff create visual interest and look gritty. I think this looks perfect for a pirate who’s just starting out and hasn’t made up his or her ranks up through the ship yet.

This skull bracelet would also be a fearsome addition to your pirate jewelry collection. The braided textures combined with the metallic skull make for a interesting combination.

These faux leather bracers add a toughness to your pirate garb that can’t be beat. These bracers are basic so they’ll go with pretty much everything else.

If you’re looking for a buckled look, try these¬†black faux leather bracers instead. This one could do double duty at the goth club. The buckled pirate look is very popular at the renaissance festivals in Texas.


This simple pendant necklace would be perfect for your pirate garb. The metal isn’t too shiny which is perfect since I bet pirates didn’t have too much time on their hands to polish their jewelry.

This oil diffuser necklace repeats the compass motif from before. The lava stone is pirate appropriate and the essential oil diffuser lets your oils fragrance you all day throughout the festival.