Have you ever wanted to make your own renaissance festival costume? If you already know how to sew, there are renaissance festival sewing patterns are available to make your costumes. The links below are affiliate links, which means I make a commission on the sales, but it won’t cost you anything extra. Your support helps keep FaireBuzz running.

The key to getting a great renaissance festival look is layering. The best looks don’t stop with just pants and a top or a skirt and a chemise. Instead, layer and accessorize to create your looks. Whether you are going as a pirate, gypsy, peasant, or royalty, layers will elevate your look. As your garb collection grows, then you can mix and match your layers to create a multitude of looks.

Note: Patterns come in different sizes. Check that the links to these patterns are in the size you need before you buy. 


Pirate Coat Patterns

This pirate coat pattern from Simplicity would look great in blacks, greys, and blues. I’d pair it with a texture similar to an upholstery fabric to give it more gravitas and visual interest. I think I’d leave off the lace personally, but if you’re going for flouncy pirate look, keep the fluffy lace on the sleeve.

The next pirate coat pattern is perfect for pirate captain garb. I’d love to see this one made with browns and cream colors. I’d still leave off the lace, and I’d do a nice big cuff on the sleeves.

Chemise Patterns

Chemises are the basic under layer for women’s garb. These undershirts were worn pretty much all the time and help keep outer clothes clean since laundry was not washed as frequent at the time. This chemise pattern will show you how to make your own basics. I have a bunch of chemises in different colors so I can use the bottom layer of my outfit to change up the look of my outfit easily. I have red, white, cream, and teal chemises right now, and I wish I had a closet full of colors.

Vests and Doublets


Since usually faires occur in warmer weather, take that into account when making your garb. A vest is a cooler way to help create a layer. Vests work for pirate, gypsy, and peasant garb particularly well. All that you need to think about is the fabric texture and color. This vest is a pretty basic pattern for men or women.


If you’re looking for a more noble type of vest, you’re looking for a doublet. This pattern can be made with or without sleeves. Choose a fabric appropriate for the station you want your garb to represent. Earth tones and blues would go well for noble looks. You might even want to think about the sumptuary laws of the time to guide you in your color choice.

Peasant and Pirate Pants Patterns

Wrap pants make for good gypsy and pirate looks. For pirates, choose black or earth tones for your fabric, but if you’re dressed as a gypsy at faire, you can get away with much more brightly colored and embellished fabric. Ones with a silky sheen and metallics catch the light nicely out at the festival.


I’ve been eyeing this pattern for a renaissance dress for a long time. I love the way the sleeves are put together on this dress. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this pattern used a few times at the renaissance festival and it always looked lovely. Underneath, you will want to have a hoop skirt for volume underneath.


This Simplicity cloak pattern is versatile and can be used to make a cloak or jedi outfits. Many years ago, I tried to make my own cloak and used a pattern similar to this one (if not the same one-it’s been over ten years). I didn’t have a sewing machine. I learned how to do a running back stitch, cut out all the pieces on my fabric and sewed and sewed for hours by hand. However, I tried to sew my cloak before I knew there was a whole community of creative, helpful people that also loved renaissance festivals. It was pre-YouTube too, which I know dates me. Sadly, I threw the pieces of the cloak out, and only afterwards did I make friends in the community that would have helped me learn. The moral of this story is don’t give up. Between the renaissance festival community and YouTube, you can learn to create the garb you want.

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