Hair Braiding

Check out this awesome renaissance hair braid with pearls created by my friend Shannon for her daughter. For 1001 Dreams weekend, her daughter dressed as a fairy and was adorned in blue colors and pearls giving an ethereal look. She braided her daughter’s hair and then sewed pearls into the braid. The pink and blue dye in her hair added to the otherworldly look.

You get the the look yourself with these pearls from Amazon (affiliate link). The look would be perfect for a mermaid too. I love her renaissance hair braid with pearls and it’s even better with with the color giving a mermaid fairy effect. Amazing!

I can’t braid my own hair well enough to pull off this look. But don’t fear if you can’t braid hair either. Many renaissance festivals have hair braiding booths that will braid hair in elaborate, embellished designs.


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Where do you go for inspiration for your hair looks at faire? What’s your favorite hair braiding look at faire? Leave a comment below with your favorite looks.