Sherwood Forest Faire Is About To Begin

Sherwood Forest Faire opens March 3, 2018 for their 9th Annual season. The faire’s closest large city is Austin, TX, but it is an easy road trip up 290 from Houston. During the spring, the wild flowers start to bloom and make for an extra enjoyable drive to the forest. Put on your favorite faire tunes and let the road transport you back in time.¬†Sherwood Forest Faire also features camping if you want to arrive earlier on Friday before the faire and wake up in another time.

Sherwood’s medieval era places them uniquely in the renaissance festival landscape since they are a few centuries earlier than the other faires. But not to fear, time travelers of and from all ages visit this faire. Besides the time frame, Sherwood is unique in it’s incredible sense of community. The love and camaraderie of the community built the faire into what it is today.

The faire has some unique eats and features some very yummy middle eastern eats like shwarma and baklava, a welcome departure from tons of turkey legs. For awesome coffee check out the Paleo Puffin, and if you’re so inclined, share a hookah with friends while you get your caffeine fix. Visit the stages for music and dancing.

If you stay until the end of the day, look out for Solar Rain who perform with fire. At Seven Sisters, a drum circle forms to end the day on an energetic, communal note.


Where to Stay
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Giddings-A little south on 290



A few years back my mother and I made a trip to Sherwood, but also to Bastrop. We enjoyed staying there and strolling the streets in the cute little town.

Getting Ready for Faire

If you want to dress like a pirate, learn how here. Or find out how to stay Instagram ready at faire.