Sherwood Forest Faire Discount Tickets

Sherwood Forest Faire has just announced heir early bird specials for the 2018 season this spring. They offer a few different options for season tickets. You can opt for the Friends of Faire pass or you can choose the basic season pass. They are also offering discounts on single tickets and camping.  The festival features Robin’s Feast as well as a beer tasting and tickets are on sale now for those events too. Tickets are available here.  The discount offer ends December 31. The tickets would make a perfect Christmas gift for a ren faire fan.

About Sherwood Forest Faire

Sherwood Forest Faire sits outside McDade, Texas near Austin in the center of the state. This year, the faire runs from March 3-April 22 taking advantage of  springtime weather. Sherwood’s beautifully wooded grounds have featured acts like Wine and Alchemy and Saxon Moon in the past. The faire has grown rapidly and has been centered around the renaissance festival community from the start. Go frolic in the forest with them!

Sherwood Forest Faire centers on the story of Robin Hood making for a pleasant change from the other Texas Faires that are centered on Henry VIII and his gazillion wives. The Robin Hood era is Mideval rather than Renaissance so many of the cast’s costumes are from an earlier time. However, the most of the patrons wear regular garb from other faires.

Sherwood Forest Faire has a great clan camping scene. Faire clans band together to become a faire family at the festival. Sherwood has two areas of camping, general and clan camping. In general camping, anybody can pick a spot to camp. In clan camping, large spaces are reserved for use for specific clans. To camp in a clan spot, you need permission from that clan. Even if you don’t have a clan, take a stroll through the camp after the faire closes to explore clan camping. I bet you’ll make some friends.