The Texas Renaissance Festival has had a few hiccups this year, especially concerning traffic and electrical outages.


If you are coming from Houston, save yourself the time and headache and do not take northbound 249 and northbound 1774. Even if you know back roads through Magnolia, you will not be allowed to take them. The police rightfully preserve the roads for local residents. As an avid faire goer for years, but also a former Magnolia resident, we have to cooperate with each other. The residents of Magnolia deserve to not have a 2 hour commute to the grocery store or to run other essential weekend errands. Remember, we want the locals to be in favor of the faire.

If you are coming from Houston, take 290 or I-45 to 105. Then approach faire from the North, heading south on 1774 towards Magnolia. While it is a longer distance, you will spend less time on the road, and thus more time in the park enjoying faire.

Power Issues

During Highland Fling a transformer blew causing a multi-hour power outage in Montgomery County. This is the second power outage suffered this year at faire. Because of the outage the faire resorted to cash only. Musical acts played only acoustic sets and many shops accepted cash only as well.

I highly recommend you plan ahead to spend only cash at the Texas Renaissance Festival if possible. Get your cash from your bank before you attend if you can. Not only will you avoid a high transaction fee, you’ll be prepared in case of any power outages. Another reason to use to cash only at the faire is that your debit/credit card will not be shut down for suspicious transactions. Many of the shops are based in other states around the country, not just Texas. If you make multiple purchases, it can look like your card has been stolen to the credit watchers and they will deactivate your card. Another way to solve this besides going cash only is to call your bank ahead of time and let them know you will be at a festival with out of state vendors so the purchases could look strange.

Despite Challenges, TRF IS STILL A GREAT TIME

Despite the challenges of the day, Highland Fling rocked. We watched an awesome set by Saxon Moon which set the mood for an awesome day. When the front came in and the wind began to blow cooler temperatures, it sounded like the entire festival broke out in cheers. After an unusually hot season, we all wanted to celebrate a cool breeze.