Nobody likes porta potties, but at at lot of festival camps, the porta potty (or privy) is the only option for the restroom because there is no running water. Porta potties gross me out, and I really hate using them, but I love camping at faire, so I had to find a compromise. My porta potty camp kit has been a life saver for me, and you can make one too.

A friend of mine had a brilliant idea that I will share with you today. She created a potty potty privy kit to make the experience more pleasant and sanitary. When I made my own kit, at first I was worried about what my camping friends would think, but instead I found friends wanted to borrow it!



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Bathroom Caddy

I use a cleaning caddy like this one to keep my privy kit organized. It fits nicely by a tent door for easy access when you gotta go. When camping on a chilly November night and nature calls, time is of the essence! The caddy also gives my flashlight a place to rest and point upright so I can see what I’m doing.

Head Lamp

My friends used to tease me that one day at faire, I’d find my perfect match at camp and he’d wear a headlamp too. While I met my fiance at the Sea Devil at TRF instead, sure enough, he had a headlamp of his own for camping. Now everybody in our happy little family has head lamp for camping. They are hands free and bright. They help me find my way over uneven ground in the dark and help us set up camp even if we arrive after dark.


Why have a flashlight when you have a headlamp? I find having a flashlight in addition to my head lamp in the privy is more useful than just one or the other. When I prop up the flashlight in the caddy it gives me enough ambient light to see the whole room so I can avoid sitting on something gross while also avoiding stepping on messes on the floor. The head lamp acts like a spot light so I have to be aiming my lamp at something specific to see it well.

This heavy duty camping flashlight is affordable plus it floats and has a carabineer clip so you can hang it from your camper or tent when you need to.

Seat Cover

Maybe it’s because campers have had a bit too much rum, but sometimes the toilet seats at faire are in bad shape. To make your go a more pleasant experience, keep these extra large toilet seat covers in your porta potty privy kit. You’ll feel less icky and be glad you have them just in case.

Toilet Paper

The privies at camp sometimes run out of toilet paper. Don’t let yourself be stranded without a way to clean up. Charmin is the brand I use at home. I always get a big pack that lasts us for a while. I put a few rolls in my caddy and then I’m good to go for the whole weekend at camp with plenty to spare for friends.



After a long day of faire, I am often sweaty and feel unusually grimy. Having wet wipes in my caddy helps me freshen up and get back to feeling extra clean. I like that this one has flexible packaging so it doesn’t take too much room in the caddy and it is resealable so the wipes stay fresh week after week.

Hand Sanitizer

These portable hand sanitizers are great in a pinch. They have a little plastic clip, and they are small enough they could even fit in your faire pouch. The small size of these will fit nicely in the caddy without weighing it down with too much liquid.


Softsoap’s aloe vera soap is my favorite soap and I like to keep it in my camp caddy. My skin is sensitive and prone to cracking if I don’t treat it just right. The aloe keeps my hands happy. I use bottled water and this soap to get my hands scrubbed and then at camp I follow up with hand sanitizer to make sure my hands are super clean.

Bottled Water

At the beginning of each faire season, we buy a flat of bottled water. It doesn’t always last through the season, so sometimes we need two or three. We use the flat of water for drinking water mostly, but I also keep a bottle or two in my porta potty privy caddy to be able to actually wash my hands right after I get out.



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I hope this porty potty camp kit will work just as well for you as it has for me. Do you have your own kit you use with a product that makes dealing with the camp privy better? Let us know in the comments and subscribe to our newsletter.