What is RESCU

RESCU, a non-profit organization, helps people who work at renaissance festivals with medical expenses. You can visit them here.  Please consider sending them a donation to help support the performers and shops that make escaping into the renaissance possible. An even easier way to support the  RESCU Foundation is through AmazonSmile. This Amazon feature allows donations on eligible products to a non-profit of your choice. The donation happens automatically through AmazonSmile, just make sure when you are logged in that your browser reads smile.amazon instead of amazon without the smile prefix. Learn more here.  Search for Rescu Foundation Inc as your charity of choice.  I personally support RESCU with AmazonSmile.

RESCU Foundation gets support from several renaissance festivals around the country, including Scarborough, Sherwood, and the Texas Renaissance Festival. You can see the full list here. Some of the faires run fundraisers for the organization, so keep your eyes and ears out. Sherwood often has an event in the Spring some of the clans work to support. If you can’t donate, you might be able to volunteer your time to help.

Why is RESCU needed?

When considering donating to RESCU Foundation, keep in mind that for many of the performers, working the renaissance festival is their full time job. Many live off short contracts. Even the longest faires only last about two months. Performers rely on these contracts plus tips to pay bills. If a faire has bad fortune with bad weather and poor attendance, the performers don’t bring home as much money. Many of the people RESCU helps have spent years honing their crafts, but countless hours of practice go unpaid. The performers and artisans are what make the festival come alive for all those who attend. Let’s show them some love by helping them stay alive. They might be performing like it’s the renaissance, but they deserve 21st century health care.


The RESCU Foundation