Henry VIII ran through wives like Usain Bolt runs races.  As you learned in school, “King Henry VIII to six wives he was wedded; one died, one survived, two divorced, two beheaded.” Are you Catherine, scorned who lived out her life believing she should be the true queen? Maybe you are Anne Boleyn who got her man but lost her head in the process? Or treasured Jane that delivered the one male heir to her king, but died before she could see him grow up? Could you be lucky Anne of Cleaves who got an annulment, a palace and a castle. Best of all she got to keep her neck intact in the arrangement. (Thomas Cromwell who arranged the marriage wasn’t so fortunate). Would you be young Catherine Howard who was beheaded too after rumors of impropriety? Or are you sage Catherine  Parr who outlived Henry? Find out which wife of Henry VIII you are by taking the quiz.